Friday, August 5, 2011

Summer Therapy

When school ends, so do the therapies. Mommy takes over.

A little gross motor climbing. Gotta get those goldfish.
Some oral motor. Alex always won the cotton ball race. He just can't let his sister win.
Don't forget the sensory awareness. She loves the "cream".

It's a Love/Hate Thing

Lindsay and Brody have spent most of the summer fighting over toys, socks, whatever they can find. What one has, the other wants. Barking or screaming usually signals the loser.
Tug-a-war (mouths only)
They do have their tender moments. She loves it when he kisses her!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Brody, the newest McComas

Brody has been a fun addition to our family. He loves to be outside as long as someone is with him. He loves to jump in and out of our little pool and then he runs around the yard only to jump back in again.

He loves hang out on the couch. The floor is for suckers!
Brody and Lindsay are constantly playing tug-a-war over something. He enjoys it more than she does.

Mommy/Son Weekend

Alex and I took a weekend trip to Myrtle Beach for a quick getaway. We had so much fun. He was basically in charge of our agenda which was a treat for him because usually we have to accommodate Lindsay (which was another reason for our trip).
He has been wanting to do MagiQuest forever. It was more fun than I had anticipated. We completed 5 quests and he became a "Junior Magi". It was kinda addicting and we weren't ready to go when our time ran out. He carries his wand around wherever we go casting spells on everything and everyone.

We went miniature golfing.
He loved the lazy river and ditched me when he made a new friend.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Lindsay's Birthday

Somehow, my little girl has turned 4. I don't know where the time
has gone! Lindsay has completely changed our lives. I love how
she looks at the world. She's also changing how the world looks
at her. I love that she is changing the world's expectations of what
most people think of people with Down syndrome.

At four years old, Lindsay:
*loves going to school-She says hi and bye to her classmates. One typical
little girl said that Lindsay was her best friend. We love her school. Her
vocabulary has shot through the roof. She has so many people that
are looking out for her.
*still has a limited menu. I have promised (threatened) her that we
will be working on this issue during the summer.
*mimics her brother's every move. This often takes my breathe away
with the daring stunts that she performs, but she always thinks
she's hilarious.
*is still a good sleeper. When she's not sleepy, she will dump out
her dresser so that clothes are scattered all over her floor.
However, she always helps me pick them up and put
them back in the drawers.
*is starting to use 3 words together. I know this is way behind
where other 4 year olds are, but it's progress for her.
*understands just about everything you say to her. She doesn't
always act like she understands, but she does. She has a stubborn
streak in her.
*still loves her music. She HAS to listen to her CDs in the car. She
knows all the words and sings along. I'm so tired of hearing the
same songs over and over, but I love that little voice.
*thinks getting into trouble is funny. She will do things that
she knows she's not supposed to do. She'll look you straight in the
eye, do it and then laugh about it. She loves to tease.

We took the family to the Lazy Five Ranch to celebrate. Lindsay
was hesitant at first about the animals, but she finally got into
feeding them.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Children's Museum

We took a little drive to Greensboro to the Children's Museum
and the kids had a blast. Lindsay especially loved the market.
She filled her cart with all sorts of fruits and vegetables
she refuses to eat, but she loved pushing that cart around.
Alex was a "bad boy".

He drove a package delivery truck

We became anchors and reported the news.

Lindsay drove the firetruck.


I saw this costume and knew it was for Lindsay.
Lindsay went trick-or-treating as Abby Cadabby from
Sesame Street (her absolute favorite character).
She loved the wand and kept her wings on the
entire night.
Alex dressed as Harry Potter. He has been reading
the books this fall and has seen a couple
of the movies.

We actually let Lindsay walk this year and collect
her own bag of candy. She did well for awhile.
When she got tired, we loaded her up in her wagon
and she sipped milk while her brother filled her bag.
Only a few idiots told her she had to say "trick-or-treat"
before getting candy. I told them politely that we're
working on it. I was very proud of my self control!

My sister and her family walked with us. The
boys were super cute as Superman and a cowboy.

The gang!